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    A lover of great music in all it's forms who enjoys the challenge of bringing something new in to the musical world and knowing the joy it can bring to all even through the darkest times. My music is also available on Soundcloud and Free Music Archive sites via the following links: https://soundcloud.com/squier-tuck http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Squire_Tuck/ I use a combination of my tried and trusted Fender Squier 50's Vibe Beach Blonde Telecaster guitar, my Tanglewood semi-acoustic guitar, my Ovation Ukulele and a rather cheap and cheerful USB keyboard recorded directly on to GarageBand on my iPad via the iRig and Zoom Multi-stomp Bluetooth peddles. I have now added the brand new Zivix Jamstik+ to my instrument collection which is great instrument for adding depth, power and orchestration to my new recordings. My only rule for making music is that I give myself just 2-3 hours from conception, to recording, to mixing and editing the song before posting to Soundcloud. Please forgive me if some of my recordings are a bit sloppy and too short! And remember. Live and cherish life as this is no band rehearsal! Keeping music real! Philip (Squire Tuck) Rougier

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