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    I am the youngest of 12 children who's parent's were killed when I was just an infant. I was abused by my adopted father until he left my mother. and my music I write I have lived. I am 54 yrs. old I have 4 grown kid"s My life started with abuse.. Drug and alcohol treatment when I was 16. Life has been tough. I was a cable lineman. I traveled the usa Climbing telephone poles for a living. Back in 2000 , my partner and I had just finished our work and we got in our bucket truck and I pulled onto the road when a young man ( a 18yr. old kid ) who had just worked a 12 hr. shift fell asleep at the wheel and came over the hill at over 70 mph. and rear ended us. we were all severely injured. I had to have brain surgery, eye surgery , I broke my wrist and I have a 12 inch rod in my spine. FIRST! I was'nt supposed to live but did! they said that I would'nt be able to walk again but I'm walking. I've had terrible siezures for 19 yrs. now. and their wanting to schedule me for brain surgery to remove my left frontal part of my brain to stop these siezures. i'm very scared. I write my song's from my life my feeling's and my very SOUL. I'm a child of our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. HE is my ROCK. My song's will be heard and hopefully will touch someone's heart.

 I am an american indian of the "Salish" and "Kootini" tribes of the flathead indian reservation of Montana. 

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