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    Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist/Multi-instrumentalist. I love every aspect of being a musician and songwriter. After 20 years working as a journalist (all the while still involved in music), I threw caution and responsibility into a strong head-wind of insecurity and competition and joined a field glutted with wannabe musicians and songwriters. And, I'm happy to say, the decision was a good one from my perspective. My songwriting is unusual, sometimes quirky, thought-provoking, & just plain humorous (or stupid). Everything and everybody is a song waiting to be written. At this point in my career, I'm particularly fond of writing songs about the craft of writing songs, as well as writing from the perspective of my experiences and others. So, some songs are stories, others are deep in a shallow sort of way (think about that one for a minute). Some of my songs are merely practicing the art or craft of writing a song. The intention is primarily for me, but I still like sharing those songs simply because of the vulnerability and challenge it presents. Like any other songwriter, I also love performance and interacting with an audience. I've had some sweet opportunities in my career to rub shoulders and work with successful, well-known artists, but to me that doesn't matter much. Suffice to say I've learned a lot from other songwriters and musicians. (Who I've shared the stage with doesn't make me better as an artist. It's only and opportunity to learn. Anything more is name-dropping.) For me, songs are fluid and timeless. They should be written to accomplish whatever a songwriter wishes to accomplish, but also be open to change. That means a song is never really done. It takes on its own life. A song may be complete from the standpoint of a recording, which places a time and date on it, but the song should and can be fluid - open to re-writes. My published body of work contains 5 full recordings (CDs & vinyl), and dozens of singles. I write, record and perform both kids music and adult music - performing about 100 to 150 shows a year. One of my kids songs, "Tell My Monkey," was nominated by Just Plain Folks International (music resource for independent songwriters/musicians) in the "Best Children's Song" category in 2017. Additionally, I am registered with BMI as a songwriter and publisher (nyesguyTunes Publishing). I have a small home studio where I record, and occasionally get out to record at pro studios. I live in a small tourist town in Northern Minnesota that has a thriving artist community.

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