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    Matching and connecting musicians and music industry professionals. The IMC is a talent filtering platform that enables bands, artists and songwriters to connect and establish meaningful relationships with music industry professionals and vice versa. It’s also a tool for the industry to connect with other likeminded and relevant professionals. What makes the platform truly unique is that it uses a digital ranking system for all end users thereby protecting the key players from mass exposure whilst budding talent can hone their skills, mindful that the industry movers and shakers are able to connect at their discretion. The system employs digital robots, ranking algorithms and end user feedback to continually evolve rankings as careers progress. The filter also has options to dynamically connect people by music genre, services required and territories of interest. Always on the lookout for creative people in the music industry who take enormous pride in thinking WAY outside the box. Enjoy life for it's comedy value. Very rarely stressed. Great at deflating big egos by being particularly unthreatening. Remember - life's too short for people to get in your way. Ignore. Move on. Never give up on your dreams. If you do, you might as well be in a wooden box!

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