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    Patiotic is a composer from Santiago, Chile. He has been involved in the world of music since childhood – from his school days playing with folk music groups through to today when he maintains his own recording studio, a haven where he explores and exploits his creative potential. 
Patiotic composes in many different styles, including electronic, orchestral, rock, and folk. He enjoys blending all these styles and more, making Patiotic a flexible and versatile artist for all types of audiovisual media. 
Patiotic will always provide 100% original music, without the use of pre-recorded or unreported samples – meaning his clients can always rely on a fast and simple clearance process, with no chance of hidden fees or problematic copyright issues. 
 For more music, info, videos and pictures please visit www.patiotic.biz 
Thanks for your time.

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 Electronic, rock and film music