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    With the main goal of reaching out new perspectives and ways of thinking; The music released here is intended to have the purpose of creative thinking building on the largest scale as possible, to reach out new discoveries, by triggering multiple ways of thinking (of multiple individuals) that could be connected to function as a whole organism. In a short way: The songs released are intended to make people react, not only with emotions, (that are still very, very important) but also with something that could "give a shake" to the creative thinking individual that is within all of us, to lead to more creativeness; like in a butterfly effect. Because I believe that we are all here with a purpose, and I believe that one of our main goals in that purpose, is to go through the road of knowledge and discovery, as a whole thinking and creative organism. Please feel free to contact for any custom song/ music or effect that you need (of any kind and genre)

 How far can music reach into our thinking mechanisms?