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    Producer/Composer/Playlist Curator/Music Concierge/Hedonist/Part-time Supervillain/Full-time Bad MF/Sound Junkie Otis Galloway (DJO2is aka Mr. ThoughtCrime) is a playlist curator/producer/musician/composer based in Scotland. He was introduced to his craft by his father, who also was also a DJ and musician. His music has appeared in a number of online videos and short films. He has also worked on more unconventional projects, such as curating a soundtrack for a sci-fi e-book anthology, a 24 hour mixtape, and online mixtapes/playlists for small business branding. His music is an eclectic blend of funk, disco, soul, jazz, electronica, hip hop, house, rock, dubstep and downtempo, with African, Asian, Latin, and Caribbean influences.

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 Eat. Sleep. Make Music. Repeat...