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    For SERIOUS fans only. engagement is a MUST A VISION-IMPAIRED artist/Songwriter. My music is 400% Love, 400% Romance, and 200% of all that is between. So awaken the passion within and let those you care about know how you feel. Together we shall spread music and also build the perfect universe where all of your emotions can thrive. My philosophy is that music is power; it is also a language share it if you understand it because it can fix what words alone cannot, so I hope that you enjoy the content that I will create and support me since I cannot do this alone. This is a universe that provides Music for those who seek love and romance, and all that is between😁😞😭💔🥰. Listen, and show your partner the passion within💋, P.s. FOR MORE ABOUT ME VISIT WWW.ORCAMMUSIC.COM LET US CONNECT AS WELL AS INSPIRED AND GET INSPIRED OURSELVES Thank you all Orca

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 Always inspire and get inspired because music can fix what words alone cannot 

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