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    Richard S Socop or better known as OrangeGuyProductions has been making music for over 5 years. In the early days of he career he started posting Demos on SoundCloud though 2019. Then in 2020 he started posting on YouTube rather than SoundCloud due to him wanting to move away for it, posting “music videos” on YouTube until the end 2020. Then in beginning of 2021 he founded his independent music label “AP DP MP Records” on July 25th , he decided to become independent and rather not to go to the major labels for distribution and more. He released his first song E-Wall on July 24th to all major platforms, then later distributing his second single The Big Drop (Radio Edit) which got great reviews by his friends. That same year OrangeGuyProductions made his first album that was majorly experimental/techno and electronic named "All Night To Night" that was Two Hours long! Richard has been learning more over his first release back in 2021 now he's improved likewise with his new newst release Midnight Sad. He hopes to make people happy while listening to his music and improving over the long run.

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 Music is my passion, ill never let anyone stop me 

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