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    I'm all about good vibes and productivity! More than this, I have been dormant with purpose. This time, let's be open and honest. The empty promises that we are unable or unwilling to fulfill because there is no cause behind the logic, this is what the experience is. To learn that there is a difference in Leading and Lead eeee-ing. Right? That is how I am feeling. That's the feeling, lets right the reason. This is the reason. To change, to trust, to grow and put "Own" for me. I will own all of my decisions and choices that have lead to this glorious journey. Yes, misconstrued details are caught between the lines in between the lines with purpose. In all known to knowing that no should ring in our rise of the conquest of the Universal alignment. The written words that are spoken are delivered in a sleep walking state that some fear will lead to devastation. The devastation is for the Union of Purpose, LOOK UP, because you, rather, we, can say we are able. 2). Though the future shows the came is here and has come for more than self. Self-ish is confusing, yes? Though, it is not, to be selfish is to consider the weight of the Wait. For the 8 Infinity exists though, what is the service for? 3) Whom do we choose to lead - others. Negatively impacting the positive messages and affirmed signs, yes, we are all connected for THE LIGHT, though, in this LIGHT, yes, beauty flourishes. This synergy rejects X-kept, rather X-1 sec... APT

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 Life. Defeat it or be defeated. Accept For You. 

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