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    @LETSPRAYproduction is a branch of OKAWE & CO (The CEO's family name and corporate) company with a focus on entrepeneurship and arts from the last 6 years. Since its creation in 2010, the company has been the leader of many projects. OKAWE & CO is located in Ghana, precisely at Accra, North Kaneshie but has been created in Gabon, at Libreville. An Introduction OKAWE & CO has been established for encouraging artists and entrepreneurs to pursue their goals, by promoting and investing in those who are willing to keep it up till they succeed. It is a creative mixture of audio–visual and performing projects, alongside music, craft and enterprise . The company focuses on promoting coming entrepreneurs and artists within the diverse and daring world community . Our activities are designed to highlight the importance of art and entrepreneurship within modern society. Through our diverse achievements, events, and with the support of our patrons and sponsors, the company helps to promote the importance of entrpreneurship and art around the world.

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