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    I'm a young Capricorn born on January 17th or as that day is known in astrology as "The Day of the Leader" in 1989....so since I was born on that special day let's play "Follow the Leader"....I'm from Church Hill which is a rough, ghetto, and impoverished neighborhood on the eastend of Richmond, Va. I come from a not so privileged family that had to struggle and hustle to get whatever we acquired. I'm my mother's 2nd son (her 3rd child) and I'm my father's 1st son (2nd child). I hustle like no other whether legally or illegally; however, since I've gotten older I strayed away from most illegal dealings hence why I'm attempting to share my music with the world. I have a story to tell and what better way to express it than through my music....I'm very versatile when it comes to topics for my songs and styles that I use. I'm heavily influenced by T.I., Eminem, Kanye West, and my biggest influence Cam'Ron from that DipSet gang! I have songs for all occasions so I hope my listeners enjoy every minute of every (or most) songs that I put out....& lastly, I'm not at all religious! I'm more so spiritual! & I believe that the spirits of my ancestors are protecting me and guiding me through this hell of a life that's soon gonna be like heaven on Earth once I reach my zenith with my music!

 Make all the right moves and life will fall into place!