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    NRTHRN is Felipe Elioenay’s solo project as composer and producer. He started out playing in a hardcore band back in 2002 with some friends in São Paulo, Brazil. That same band evolved all the way to Progressive Death Metal and kept on the road until 2013 when he decided to move to Kiev, Ukraine. At that time he took a break from music for almost 2 years, putting all his creative energy into working with graphic design. In 2014 he moved to Montreal, Canada, where music started to call him back and he end up playing in a local Sad Punk band, which was a lot of fun but it didn’t last long. Looking for the autonomy of being able to write, produce, release and play gigs on his own, he started NRTHRN as a one-man-band music project. The rest of his story it’s still to be written.

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 Post-rock / Ambient soundscapes