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    Nouvèl is an up and coming DMV based singer/songwriter with raw talent and a truly authentic sound, blending his take on R&B, hip-hop and soul. A self-taught musician, Nouvèl plays the piano while also focusing on his strongest instrument, his voice. His Haitian ancestry and upbringing stressed the importance of storytelling, which has influenced his biographical approach to songwriting and also how he defines his artistry with the name “Nouvèl”. Aside from his Haitian heritage, Nouvèl also uses other life experiences to share his stories through song. From his perceived “toxic masculinity”, chasing his goals and overall dealings with women, he invites listeners into his complex but engaging psyche. Nouvèl released his first album "Please" in February 2018 and most recently dropped his EP project, “Thank You” in March 2019. As he’s always working hard honing his craft in the studio, stay tuned for new lyrics and Nouvèl’s distinctive sound that are sure to have you craving more story time.