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    Music Composer WWW.NOTARSOUNDTRACKS.COM Trained originally in classical music for over thirteen years, Notar has been exploring the landscapes of sound and rhythm by means of piano and keyboard at Music Academy, but his approach is multi-instrumentalist at large, and puts no barrier to genres and forms. He has been tutoring privately around Italy and the UK and collaborated in various projects in both countries. Among his current projects are hard rock duo Green Jaguar, Notar Soundtracks, and extra projects shortmovies. For the latter two, Notar is also responsible for the cover art and video production. He also composed the theme to the The Psychedelic Detective Agency podcast on SoundCloud. NoWhere Studios is a solo project, but prone to fruitful jamming sessions, fond of eclectic moods and movie scores. The end product is an uncanny blend of 1960s Italian melodies, minimal, acid jazz, electro-beats, and free form World music. The EP Songs for Movies that Don’t Exist, third one of the project, ticks all of the above and has atmospheres of deep night and oddly familiar moments, at times obsessive like a reoccurring Deja-Vu. - started studying music in italy (musical conservatory-1997) finished the study in 2010. - degree in Classical piano. - played in Rome-Verona-Puglia as a pianist in the Buffet/Events. - Music Teacher in Rome-London. - Moved in Uk-London at the age of 22 to follow his music career. - played as a busker (street-artists) /City of London/. - wrote 3 albums Genre:Soundtracks,Classical,Orchestra,Ambient,Acidjazz,Experimental,HardRock,Metal,Rock. - soundtracks macker/composer for short movies/podcasts in Uk. - while working on his own songs,Notar also creates a band called Green Jaguar /HardRock Experimental Music/. This time Notar Plays Guitar. - he plays Bass and Keyboard at The Dead Coast Band. - he developed great melodic maturity inspired by different Genre such as , Classical music, jazz, ambient, metal, blackmetal, punk, electronic, minimal, experimental, soundtracks. WWW.NOTARSOUNDTRACKS.COM NotarArts

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