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    What We Do: Basically we’re your own personal Rube Goldberg machine. We use our extensive network of trusted and established vendors, from engineers to screen-printers, to create a product that is stylistically compatible, high quality and within your budget. We manage costs, do the legwork and the paperwork, coordinate and mediate between all parties, champion your ideas and values, handle emergencies, and anything else we can to get you out of the accountant’s office and doing what you do best, creating, craft, and performing. What We Don’t Do: We are not your babysitters, parents, psychotherapists, or parole officers. We’re here to help you be the best and most successful musician you can be. We will not bail you out of jail, solve band fights, clean up after you, break up with or lie to your significant other for you. Don’t even ask. Why We Do It: Money! Okay, that’s not really why we do it (see below.) But we do offer a service and we do expect to get paid (as should you), so now seems as good of a time as any to discuss it. The bad news is: we skim off the top. The good news is: how we make our money, how much we make and how it affects you will always be completely accessible and agreed upon in advance. You will never be blindsided by a bill or a cost. We make it easy to understand and easy to navigate. We try to be as open, upfront and honest about it as possible. We use a percentage system based on gross revenue and flat rates. The percentages never change, whether you make a lot or a little. So we’re motivated to make you as big of a success as we can while keeping in mind our own core values and the No Pants reputation. Why we really do it: We could tell you that we just love music, but that isn’t enough. We could tell you that there’s a whole lot wrong with the music industry, but you knew that. So we’ll just say that in our own musical adventures, we found that innovation and a focus on quality music.

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