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    NoAnie Music, comprised of Noah D’Innocenzo & Steph Torres, is an audio branding duo specializing in the production of commercial jingles and songs, voiceovers, viral ads, & viral songs. Their clients include companies (of any industry), podcasts, YouTube creators, video producers and marketing specialists from all around the world. Within one year of starting their audio branding business the duo has successfully completed over 300 orders. NoAnie Music’s notable clients include iHeart Media, MANSCAPED, Denny’s, The Oakland A’s, Domino’s Gacha Life, Unicones and more! The duo has also had the pleasure of teaming up with Megan Charney (one of the producers of America’s Got Talent & American Idol), to write and produce a children’s viral song called, Puppies! (Oh Ya Gotta Love Em), which was recognized by The Mercury News and LAtfUSA.

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