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    Niomisha aka NIO RENEE has a versatile writing and singing style that crosses many genres that bring together elements of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues and Funk along with Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and Dance music. Her musical expression hits hard with in your face, through your ears music that comes from her soul moving directly into the soul of those who listen. She has shared her gifts with amazing artists such as Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Rod Stewart, Cher, Charo, Al Jarreau, Snoop Dog and Maklemore including China’s very own Jane Zhang (Zhang Lianying). She loves to get up close and personal with her audience. NIO RENEE’ is like a Siren, captivating her audience from the moment she whispers her first note and closes her final song; her smooth, melodic, voice kisses your ears, captures your heart leaving you with a smile and coming back for more.