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    Nikolas A Gkinis he is a music composer and producer as well as producer for media (Radio-TV-advertising). As musician, he play guitar, bass, synth., piano and a lot of old Greek and eastern instruments (lute, lafta, tsumbus, tambour, oud, sazy, baglama …..). As a music composer he compose music for the Media, film, theatre, dance, cinema with more distinguished the musical composition for the latest film of Nikos Koundouros ?? Photographers'', that circulated in the discography and is a music trip to the East world music. As a music composer and producer, he works in his personal studio, where has created a new place of expression, with specialization in the instrumental world music, in collaboration with Greek but also foreigner musicians and producers. He was the founder of the group SYNDROME (1980-90), playing rock-funk music with a lot of influences from the Greek traditional music. He compose arrange and produce rock, ethnic/world, greek traditional and classical/new age music. His rock band name is ''GROOVA NIKO''. His ethnic/world music band name is ''Journey to the East''. His Greek traditional band name is ''Ellenic traditional project''. His classical/new age band name is ''Harmonie of Silence''. As a MEDIA producer he studied in NEW YORK and he worked in New York, Paris and Athens. In Greece, he has worked in Media, in various places: As a radio and television producer: TOP FM, 902 FM, PLANET FM, TEMPO TV, 105.5 FM……….. As producer of signals, publicities and projection: In the INVESTOR, SPORT TIME, POWER………………….. As Adviser of Chairman of ERT ( Greek National Radio-TV) On subjects of Archives, Files of acoustic material and on subjects of broadcasting corporation. As responsible collaborator (project manager) For the production company POWER MUSIC PRODUCTION. As responsible collaborator (project manager) For the track-music of Olympic Games, in all Olympic stages of Athens and province in “” ATHENS 2004 ' '.