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    composer - producer - arranger At the age of 19 year old it discovers and creates as composer - producer - arranger the absolute pop-Star Sakis Rouva. With the first single it gains 1st reward of composition in the unique Greek competition of song (festival of Thessalonica). The same year (2001) it signs for an advertising TV-Spot Opel Italia for 2 years. The same year with the song “Die For You” they represent Greece in the competition of Eurovision and gained the 3rd place. “Die For You” became 3 times platinum in Greece and Scandinavia and in many other European countries. In 2004 with Sakis Rouvas, and the song “Shake it” repeats Top-5 for Greece in the competition of Eurovision 2004 with the 3rd place between 36 countries and creates the no1 dance-hit of summertime. The song of “Ti Zitas” (“Nour El Chams”) is found in soundtrack of the film SPY-GAME (Starring Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Todd Boyce) Also composes soundtracks for various TV Series in Greece. As well as many Dance hits with pseudonyms.