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    Nicole has been a featured guest on “The New Jazz Thing” with Vince Outlaw (San Diego Jazz 88.3 FM). She has performed at the Savannah Music Festival in "American Traditions", ensemble shows at the Hollywood Palladium and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and solo shows at multiple venues throughout the United States. Her 2005 CD, “Just Like Heaven”, was arranged by Bill Cunliffe. Her 2009 follow-up, “The Heart of the Matter”, was arranged by Eli Brueggemann. Her version of the title track by Don Henley charted at number 5 on amazon.com upon release. An ASCAP songwriter, Nicole's work is featured in Larry Brand's feature documentary "The Co-exist Comedy Tour." In 2012, Nicole released an EP of originals inspired by Tin Pan Alley composers, “The Original Standards Project,” featuring Dan Lutz, Ray Brinker (Tierney Sutton band), and John Boswell. In 2014, her original, "Planned For Love", was demoed on Sugar Joans (Season 7: The Voice). A folk-pop CD of originals, "Poison Tide" (2016) features some of the finest players in Central California and Scandinavia. A new EP of original tracks crafted for sync (under the tutelage of Catch The Moon agency) was produced in 2020 by award-winning singer/songwriter Kevin Fisher. Two tracks were co-written with Luis Lerma (Nicole also produced Lerma's Spanish-language original, "Esperado.") Nicole was the vocal producer on "Wherever We May Be", featuring Amber Guzman (written & produced by Life Unlimited.) Additional projects include a Joan Baez/Bob Dylan tribute with Dan Frechette (Kiki Wow Presents), and multiple performances on the Monterey Peninsula.

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 Nicole Dillenberg - principal singer/songwriter - Sandcastle Song 

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