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    Z aka Zeus was born in Nashville TN in 1991, but raised in Lebanon TN as Nickolas Donald. He would start rapping in 2007 but wouldn’t begin to take his career serious until 2009. Z would go on to accomplish more in his career from professional distribution, selling singles overseas, getting radio plays, playing shows, signing multiple publishing deals some of which with “Google Play” & “Apple Music”. Z has continued to gain press coverage from blogs and radio interviews in New York, & Canada, gaining ground with the help of radio promoters “Awesome 2” that have catered to big names such as “P. Diddy”, “Busta Rhymes”, “Mary J. Blidge”, etc. So it’s safe to say that the pair of dj’s , rated #19 as most influential djs by “BET” have a proven track record for spotting talent that will shift the genre & culture. Z has made show appearances in front of radio personalities such as Ferrari Simmons. Worked with show promoters from “DJ Drama’s” camp and his success only continue to grow!

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