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    ceo/artist from Boston Mass looking to bring life back into the in industry full of copycats and swagger jacks. Fishscale Feeze says his top 5 rappers have all taught him something about the critique of his own vision as an artist and lyricist for the future. Eminem being his biggest inspiration as an artist stating that Eminem gave the audience what they wanted on the slim shady album then he brought them into his real life with the Marshall Mathers Lp ; the darkness, the pain, the hurt, the honesty that's what i wanna inspire to do with the NJP project. There's alot of pain and truth that will be Expressed in the NJP LP. Fishscale Feeze says everything on my projects will have balance. I bring you through the world i want to see for myself . Right now the focus is his Pyrex Poetry brand of street albums and well as starting his fashion apparel line with Five star Entertainment branding and Pyrex Poetry branding. He has definitely tooken the Independant route to push the envelope with his creative control. He is grass-rooting an Independant campaign similar to the likes of early master p "no limit" era solely based on " talent" over gimmicks which sets him apart in an over-saturated market. Also collaborating with artist out of state and his hometown. He is the Future of Hip Hop Period. None like him and few to Ever Come.

  • Thinking of you-Fishscale Feeze
  • Play-offs Fishscale Feeze feat Phinelia produced by Aside Beats
  • Narcos Radio Version -Fishscale Feeze produced by Young Purps of 808 jackboyz
  • Get It -Fishscale Feeze produced by Sheeze beats