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    Neo-Truth Music presents instrumental artists and producers Neo-Truth and Heartbeat Riot. We live in a world where vulnerability is shamed and belittled. A world where we are so disconnected from our true selves and try to create something that is not to fill in the emptiness. Music, for us, is a gateway to our hearts. It's our therapy and outlet to embrace our authentic selves in ways that words cannot possibly express. In the midst of our sufferings and joys expressed through music, it just so happens it ends up sounding pretty epic. Hopefully our music will resonate with you when you listen. We dare to break the mold of commercialized music. We are not bound by one sound or genre. We strive to fuse elements from music we grew up loving such as from 8-bit video games, orchestral OSTs from role-playing games, gritty Hip-Hop beats, epic Hard Rock and Electronic jams. Our catalogue evokes a multitude of styles and moods to inspire your creations.

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 A sonic alchemy of Video Game, Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, and Orchestral Elements