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    A graduate of the Los Angeles recording school in Hollywood, Neil Raymundo also known as Yung Bawal has been taking on various DJing gigs -- from house parties to full on shows since 2009, he has worked with some of the local scene’s top Hiphop acts such as Loonie, Ron Henley, People’s Future, Nimbus 9, and Abra among many others. Having studied and worked in the LA music scene, Neil had worked behind the scenes under the US’ top music engineers. Soon after his stint in LA, the Bawal Clan founder has since opened up “The Spot,” an independent recording studio catering to local acts, providing top quality recording, mixing/mastering services at steal prices. Since his return from the US, Neil has also continued playing various big ticket gigs as well as weekly/monthly events at some of Metro Manila’s hottest clubs and events.

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