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    Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Neffyraps uploaded her first song “Dreamer” to SoundCloud in 2014. Music was her passion from an early age, studying piano, clarinet and being self-taught on guitar. She grew up on artists like Eve, Missy Elliot Biggie, PAC, Nas & Erykah Badu. Her taste in music reflects in her witty, raw, sassy and original sound. Formally know as Nefertiitii, in 2017 she garnered the attention of Vice President of Murder Inc Records, Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo. She appeared on the lead single “Process” from his 'Independence' Album. With this, she saw a lane for herself as a go getter and all around entertainer. Flash forward to 2019, her single “Married to Money” charted on the Digital Radio Tracker Top 150 Independent Artist charts for 17 consecutive weeks. This was her second song to chart in 2019, after her first pop smash “IDGAF” In 2019 her momentum gained her some major traction. Her music was featured on BET, she toured with mega stars like Ja Rule, and hosted sold out shows across the country. Now NeffyRaps has re-emerged as a major force on the female independent scene. She’s a radio personality at Power 214 in Dallas Texas where her flare and personality gained her the #1 show on the platform. All around entertainer and pure TALENT, this girl is unstoppable.

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