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    Neal Gardner is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer and producer. He has released several albums since 2001 and is actively recording new material in a variety of genres, including rock, electronic, classical and jazz. Gardner is a multi-instrumentalist, has played in a variety of live bands and studio settings, and can produce on-demand music when faced with even the tightest client deadlines.

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      Songtradr tipped $5.00

 What distinguishes music is that it transcends the visible world. 

  • City of the Living Dead (Stranger Things Type Retro Synth) | Instrumental
  • Mysterious Bells (in the style of Angelo Badalamenti/Twin Peaks)
  • Nightmare City (early 80's style Giorgio Moroder/Euro electronic theme)
  • Exercitus (big orchestra in the style of John Williams) | Instrumental
  • All the Colors of the Dark (70's Cop Show) | Instrumental
  • Exitium (in the style of Carmina Burana)
  • Five Dolls for an August Moon (Tarantino and Spaghetti Western style theme)
  • 80's Venice Beach Breakdance Battle
  • Beautiful Day To Be Outside