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    NaTosha “Lil’T” Brown was originally born in York P.A. She started creating music at 10 yrs. of age. From the beginning she was inspired by rap names such as Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, and more. Accrediting her older brother “B-Real” for her initial interest in rhyming she still is motivated by drive within this career field today. As an artist, musician, songwriter, engineer, producer and beat maker she continues to feed her talents each and everyday. Specializing in Hip-Hop and R&B her goal is to make history and to one day become the industries next top mogual. Loving what she does she continues to provide original and classical sounds thru the process of audio production. Between technology, beat machines and midi keyboards audio production has become her playground over the years. That’s a big step up from where she first began recording on a “boom-box”.