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    Native 1 is a native of Brooklyn New York born and raised he grew up in Bed-ford Stuyvesant in the infamous projects call Lafayette Gardens. Native 1 also was the very first rap artist in history to ever win at the world famous "APOLLO" theater in Harlem NYC,... A record of 6-times he did this with perfection and with a unique technique no other Artists had possess at this time;. Also all rappers before Native 1 and rap-acts were eliminated and literally drag off by the hands of the sandman for weak songs or bad performances on that great APOLLO stage. Native 1 was the only rap Artist to triumph against the sandman and win. Native 1 also went on and made poetic history once again by being the very first rap artist again to ever defeat world famous published poets from all over the world with a rap song entitled: "Jessica what cha ' doin baby girl"?!! At the worlds famous " Nuyourican" poets cafe!!! All these landmark places are located today still in the heart of New York City. So look,listen,visualize and experience Native 1 lyrical brilliance!!!

 The Greatest Lyrical Rap Artist Ever Born!!!