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    The joy of connection in building their audience compels rock trio, Not A Planet, to consistently bring their brand of carefully crafted, emotionally charged songs on tour throughout the US. Bandmates, Nathan Corsi (guitar/vocals), Liam Sumnicht (drums/harmony vocals) and Sweet William Sturgess (bass/harmony vocals) embellish the strangely fertile music culture in the Middle of the Map (KCMO), where they call home base. 'NAPSack EP', was recorded and released in 2012, just weeks prior their first tour together. A little psych, a little pop, but mostly good old fashioned rock and roll, this 7 track affair earned them a solid fan base, and in 2013, Not A Planet self-released their full length, 'The Few, The Proud, The Strange'. Songs on this LP unabashedly culminate a blend of 60’s pop, east coast indie and the blues of the north. Not A Planet will continue their creative recording process in early 2015 with songs they are road testing on tour now. Look for a new release this Summer.

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