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    On October 4, 1993, an artist was born. MuzikMixer has had a calling on his life to pursue music since he was born. Instead of engaging in secular music, MuzikMixer chooses to use his talents to glorify his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. "Music has always been one of the most impactful things in life,” says MuzikMixer. He has noticed a destructive theme in music throughout the generations. Therefore, he is making a move to promote positive music. "Our youth is engaging in this worldly music and it is taking a toll on their lives. Why not fill them up with something positive and purposeful rather than negative and meaningless?" MuzikMixer was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is the second oldest of six siblings. They were all homeschooled by their mother while their father worked faithfully to make sure they were well provided for. Despite the fact that his parents laid a good Christian foundation for their family, MuzikMixer became distracted in his early teen years; that is, until a tragic event happened in his family. In the summer of 2010, MuzikMixer's older sister passed away. This devastating loss caused MuzikMixer to rethink the importance of life which resulted in him turning back to his Christian roots. In search of solace during his time of mourning, MuzikMixer gravitated towards what he knew: music. "The one thing that always grabbed my attention was music. It didn't matter the genre; I just always had an interest. Needless to say, the only kind of music that consoled me, at that time, was praise and worship music.” During MuzikMixer's life transition, the Lord lead his family to a new church home, where his youth pastor connected with him by teaching the word of God in a way that compelled MuzikMixer to fully surrender himself God. He also, met and bonded with new Christian companions who prayed with him and helped him strengthen his spiritual walk with Christ. MuzikMixer has since become a leader and mentor at his church and now pours his heart and many talents into ministering to the youth.

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 MuzikMixer is an inspirational artist who has his heart set on God. He is using his musical talents to positively impact this generation of youth.