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    Toma Mavromatis A.k.a Temo was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. His love for music was obvious from a very early age when he started playing the piano and guitar. Later on, his passion for music became stronger, and after his older brother’s strong suggestion, he went to the Special School of Music in Tbilisi to get more profound knowledge in the theory of music and composition. It was then, that Temo learned to play the cello: - a musical instrument with the greatest classical value. Apart from that, Temo studied the piano, guitar, and bass. Eventually, he chose to play the piano and keyboards for his further professional development. Since 1995 Temo has been living in Athens and has been a member of several bands; Contrast was one of them which Temo and his friends established in 2002. The repertoire was based on the hits of the ’80s and the band performed in most cases in Athens. At present, Temo is a member of a well-known band Joker, which is a reunion of the old one. The band performs live, basically in clubs and pubs in Athens, as well as in many different regions all over the country. In 2002, Temo created a new group of Georgian musicians under the name Emigrants. A year later, their first album Flash of Light was released. Temo gives lessons for piano and cello and conducts the children choir of Georgian School in Athens.

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