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    The basic idea of Music-For-Nature (www.music-for-nature.net) is very simple. Musicians or bands donate the proceeds from digital sales (streaming and download sales) of one or more of their songs for environmental projects for a defined period of time. All other sources of income and the rights to the songs remain with the artist. The "donated" songs are compiled in playlists on all major streaming services and promoted by environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature. This creates a win-win-win situation: - The user can support environmental projects by listening to music. So he can do something good without having to make a real donation. - Musicians and bands get a broad public through the marketing activities of the environmental organizations and Music-For-Nature, which has a correspondingly positive effect on the other songs and albums. Awareness and fan base are growing internationally. - Last but not least, the environment benefits. The proceeds can be used to finance projects for climate protection, against species extinction and for the preservation of ecosystems.

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