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    My real name is Muneer Gonsalves. I chose to use my government name because I don't want people to feel like I use an Alias to hide behind the content of my music. I have been creating music of this genre for the past year. I have been a Hip Hop artist for 10+ years but this is the first time I have been inspired to make the type of music that I make today. I like to consider myself a "Raptivist". I use my words to try to motivate people to make changes in their lives and the lives of those around them in a positive way. My music reflects my thoughts in the sincerest form. Growing up I was exposed to certain aspects of life and forced to make difficult decisions at a young age. Father of 3 children I am doing my best to place one foot in front of the other to walk a righteous path. I was born as a Monotheist and raised in Cleveland OH. I would like to say that my story is a typical story but in all reality it is far from the "norm". Regardless of the challenges I have faced and mistakes that I have made I have never abandoned my belief in God. There is so much negativity getting pumped into our youths and I would like to contribute a beneficial perspective to our future generation. May God bless the righteous and may we all strive to be of the righteous.

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