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    Moses Zamangwa is a sought-after saxophonist in Tanzania. He has been playing Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones for 7 years now. He started Music as a guitarist when he was 8 years old but in 2011 he switched to Saxophone. In 2015, he released an audio album called Yote Kwa Yesu (All to Jesus) which has performed well in the instrumental genre and local Christian music market. Yote Kwa Yesu became more popular among local Christian congregations. He has traveled outside Tanzania for music projects beyond borders to countries as Indonesia, Turkey, Qatar, German, France, Switzerland, Australia and Lithuania working as saxophonist with company called Mother Africa based in Germany and another one called Phenix based in Paris. He plays Afro Jazz, contemporary, jazz fusion, Gospel, Tanzania Traditional music, soft rock and Latin. But he always fuse Jazz with mganda, chihoda vlizombe, ligambusa, lindeku, kingwangwa. That's traditional music from Songea Tanzania.

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