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    Shaker Brothers consists of the twins Mohammed and Yaser, 27 years old. They have played drums for 8 years, where over the years they have accumulated a lot of experience that they bring to each concert. Shaker Brothers became nationwide known when they participated in the entertainment program "Denmark has talent 2016" on TV2. Here, they had been inspired by the STOMP universe, which offers many more rhythmic shades than their primary instruments that are drums. They play at Car rims, oil barrels, glasses, pots, etc. As they mix with their drums. This creates a huge festive concert with an accompanying greasy show. Therefore, Shaker Brothers has had great success in playing many events, so they have a broad audience like festivals, city parties, nightclubs, company parties, regular parties, confirmations, birthdays, sports events, schools, institutions, etc. No matter where they perform with their shows, they create enormous dynamics with a lot of movement and rhythms. They often go beyond the stage and get involved in the audience at the party. Shaker Brothers biggest idols are the energetic Safri Duo and Dj Kato. Based on their passion for this genre of music, many of their concerts, therefore, help to screw the party up to the rhythmic. There is a celebration of a party when they start their show.

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