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    Art, to me. I don't know. I like to consider myself as an artist though I am not any commercial or professional artist. I like to write lyric. Since 2005 I have started writing lyrics and most of them in "Bangla/Bengali" Language. And I am doing business. Basically I am an events & interior expertise. I have also tune & compose a few songs in Bangla/Bengali which are still unpublished. First one named "Smrtir Kanna" and the 2nd one named "Manush" and last but not least one is named "Ondho,Ondhotto,Ondhokar" Smritir Kanna is an alternative rock track, we have tried to make focus on the demands it required. Its a romantic song. Its length is around 4.36 minutes. "Manush"! This track is little bit different. You will find different scales and patterns. Lyric is very easy words but meaningful and choosy. This song's length is around 7.45 minutes. It is a Psychedelic Art Progressive Rock song. "Ondho, Ondhotto, Ondhokar" My this track is purely psychedelic rock song. You will find the very strong meaning of the lyric and which is literally related with our life's path and where to surrender and why. Oh i forgot. see, anyway. I have tuned my last song which is an English track named "Simon's Diary". This one is also an alternative rock track. Thank YOu for reviewing my Short biography. And one more most important thing I didn't passed from any art school or institute. My only mentor in guitar is my very close friend named Simon who has worked with many famous artists like "ARK" as a solo guitarist and many more. Now he is working a corporate band named "Red Line"

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