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    Songs, art and videos speak for themselves but here is a little about me. Thanks. Don Schwieger a Chicagoland native been writing and playing music since the mid 1990's. Don Studied in Chicago at Second city and I.O. and is a alumni of both. Producing his music and animated band series under the title Model Rocket Scientist since 2005. Model Rocket scientist won 2 l.a. music awards in 2006. Don continues to produce and record, perform music and acting as well. Don is currently developing 2 new music albums . Don runs his own website and production company Garagelab Productions. Don draws and paints and sell art and uses his art in his animation. Don started his music project in 1998 under the name " Stereo Sedative" releasing a full album self titled in 1999 with himself singing and featuring Angie D on vocals, joined by Adam A. playing guitar on a 3 song demo and small ep release titled "Suger fluff". In 2002 Don releases under the name " Junior" a full length album " Junior" " Drum and Space". 2004 Don leases a 6 song ep "Junior" self titled. 2005 Model Rocket Scientist in born recording and releasing a full length album " Songs 4 traveling 2 places. In 2007 Don releases Model Rocket Scientist " Affordable Audio Healthcare" . Model Rocket Scientist Because and Effects album 2010, 2011 Teenager in love cover of Dion and the belmonts, Meets night of the living dead 2012 full length album, Big small towns Model Rocket Scientist 2014 single. 2016 cover of "Ring of fire" by Johnny Cash, 2016 Meet the last man on earth, coming pretty soon Model Rocket Scientist full length album in the works late 2016 early 2017 and beyond...

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 Songs speak for themselves