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    My real name is Stephen King. I'm eighteen years old. I love not only writing music, but just writing in general. I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I moved here from Clearfield, Pennsylvania about two years ago. I currently work at Arby's but I'm looking for a better job to get my own apartment. I've had four open heart surgeries. I like to play drums and skateboard. I also love driving. Whenever I' writing or working, I'll just be driving around for hours. How I started writing rap music: I grew up in a small town, Mahaffey, PA. That's where I discovered my interest in rap, when I was eight or nine. A few years later, I was about fourteen, and I moved to Clearfield. I met some amazing friends there. Then, I decided to write some rap lyrics down, and I rapped in front of one of my friends. He said I should write more. Another friend from Clearfield when I was sixteen told me about an app called Wattpad. She said that you could write what ever you want and publish it. She had also mentioned that it was mainly used to write books and stories, but other people used it for different reasons, like music. Why I started writing rap music: At first, I started writing rap music because I just wanted to try it out. Me writing rap had very little sentimental value when I started. My first song was about the first time I had ISS (in school suspension). I got ISS for doing clap-pushups during lunch -_- which I did almost every day, and everybody was cheering me on. Most days, I would do like 50 without stopping. But anyway, a few months after my ISS rap, I started writing about thing that were going pn throughout life. I was writing about some of my past bullies, some of my closest friends, where I grew up. Now, I write about pretty much everything like my job, my friends from all the schools I've been in, my home town, Mahaffey, and some songs are even about some relationships I've had in the past, which I will probably never post, except for one of them.

 There's a small town with a big game, and everything to prove. 

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