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    Download free books / Pobierz darmowe ksiazki: http://youknowwhat-band.eu/YKW/BOOKS_... Buy Twenty Hidden Bodies Album: Digital files on iTUNES: http://apple.co/1Xmz08Q Digital files on AMAZON http://amzn.to/1OsYvTx Digital files on GOOGLE PLAY http://bit.ly/1T005i7 BUY CD http://www.youknowwhat-band.eu contact us: info@youknowwhat-band.eu You Know What band was created on the occassion of another project and after a few meetings of the drummer (Milan Rabij) and the guitarist (Jakub Zuber) the long process of composing began. First two pieces were presented after a few months on the small concert for drummers and they were received with enthusiasm. It turned out that there is a place for the instrumental music which is the oposite to a classic radio single. The musicians worked on their first album:''Twenty Hidden Bodies'' for two years. The album mingles with the story written by Ezra Vitkin. In February 2015 after recording the guitar parts Jakub Zuber leaves the band, leaving the work on the material to 16 year old Milan who decides to finish the album and continue the activity of the band. At the same time he continues the work on finishing the sound layer, making visual conceptions, clips scenario and websites in cooperation with the artists of the newly created Shoshana Studios. At that time Milan is also searching for a new guitarist who will replace Jakub Zuber. His name is Wojciech Sibilski. The debut album is a classic 40 minutes long concept album which fits in traditional instrumental progressive rock. A multitude of instruments, story sound effects and ambigouos story by Ezra Vitkin as well as attractive design layer makes the album as interesting for the hundreth time you listen to it as it is for the first time. There are 9 pieces, 8 of which are instrumental and the ninth one is a narrative element.

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