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    Mikey is a singer songwriter and poet from Boston, MA. After being a touring drummer, and playing guitar and singing in bands all his life, he decided to become more involved in creating his own identity and unique style, although his roots have been placed in folk and indie, he draws inspiration from many different artist styles and genres. "My style is eclectic, I can write a folk song today and a country song next week, and wonder to myself how did that come about! I don't label my music as easy listening, rock, indie, singer songwriter, and such. It just is what it is there is no niche just feelings" so I choose not to label them Mikey's flare for writing radio friendly heartfelt songs that connect with audiences on the first listen is his goal. His songs have been receiving a lot of accolades after public performances, and his music has appeared in two indie films.

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 Singer Songwriter, Alternative Rock