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    Mike Lawson always wanted to promote change in life. Coming from Baltimore, Maryland and having a history of family musicians, he felt as though it was in his blood. Of course he didn't just want to follow in the family shadow, he eventually wanted to lead. In 1998, he released his first Album entitled, "Dear Mother." Just a one man band using a digital four track recorder. Although the quality wasn't that great, Mike got a lot of positive feedback. In 2004 after a tragic accident, Mike truly didn't know if he wanted to keep going or not. He sat at home writing and after being approached by his Brother Joe, owner of THE FVIC RECORDS in London, Mike decided to give it another try. In 2007, Personal Disaster was released. Better sound, quality. With UK airplay Mike became quite popular. As the years went on, Mike began to write and think differently about life. From a guy that survived racism, a train crash and not knowing what the future would hold to a guy that eventually landed on a new found faith. So now here we are in 2019 as Mike Lawson comes out from the shadows and releases this epic new Album entitled, "Raise Up." This Album has something for everyone. From the vocals to the melodic beats to the musical diversity, it is a must listen!

 Soulful, Melodic and Promoting Change