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    Mike is a musician/singer/songwriter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. He started his music early, at the age of nine, and grew up in a beautifully remote forest industry town on Vancouver Island. He has had a number of wonderful private teachers as well as some great time spent in music schools. He's put out a number of albums of music with only his latest release under his own name. Before this project he had been writing, recording, playing and singing in other bands such as Feeding Fiction, Crooked Timber and Random Design. All from Saskatoon. These bands, primarily, were original bands playing mostly local shows (there were a few covers played and short tours). Outside of band life, Mike still loves to write and record his music and be able to share it in as many ways as he can. Relatively new to sync and licensing, Mike has been opening his catalogue for all to enjoy and purchase. With new songs always coming there is no end in site for Mike's creative path forward.

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 Good cruising tunes.