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    Miodrag Mika Pavlović (blues guitarist, songwriter, producer) Since middle of seventies, Mika was member of Belgrade blues bands :,,Blues vremeplov“(Blues Timevessel) ,,Sirova koža“ (Raw Hide), Down Homes, Cleanhead Phil Blues Band (Prague since 1999-2002) and BluesTone Band ( since 1995), which had performances in the clubs but also on numerous domestic and foreign jazz and blues festivals: Belgrade Blues Days-1987; Jazz Blues festival - Gorizzia,Italija 1988; Valjevski Jazz Festival / 1997; Jazz & Blues Festival / Šabac 2002; North City Jazz & Blues festival - Kosovska Mitrovica 2004, Art & Blues World Music Festival, Belgrade 2008-9, Garana Fusion Festival, Romenia 2017, BELEF,- Belgrade 2018... The basic concept of the Bluestone music is to have and build self identity using music heritage of Balkan soul and perform it in blues way. Since 2015. Bluestone band cooperate with American singer Dean Bowman, and performs around Serbia. .

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