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    Composer and founder member of band U. Kay Hytz (a.k.a uk heights), Michael started learning the violin aged 9 whilst at school, where he also sang as a chorister in church and cathedral choirs, and studied the trumpet from the age of 13. From the age of 16 he played in and wrote for various bands, including The Cast and U. Kay Hytz. He represented the United Kingdom in the Yamaha Song Festival at the Budokan, Tokyo, in 1983 where he won the Kawakami Performance award. He started writing production music in his twenties, gaining a Diploma in Media Music Composition and writing both commissions and music for Production Music libraries, including Universal, Connect and Kristannar. His music has been used all around the world in TV, Corporate and Documentary films. In 2006, after the death of a close musical colleague, he started writing Digitiphonies (Electro Orchestral Symphonies - longer form multi movement musical works) in an attempt to reconcile the two opposing sides of his musical psyche - he has written 10 so far.

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 Composer, Songwriter, Creator of Digitiphonies