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    I`m unapologetically a guitarist who has always loved to"make up" my own music. I`m extremely primitve and love to be. I just use the guitar and, for effects, anything I can find that happens to be close to hand. I`m an unashamed editor too. I can see these toons in ads and movies. I fronted a "progressive" rock band in London in the late 60`s called Gormenghast and we played and jammed with lots of name bands like Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd etc and many more. I remember playing a club in London and in the break I went outside for a smoke and heard all this wailing and screaming. It turned out to be Jimi Hendrix playing a club over the road called the UpperCut. Like a lot of people, once you heard Hendrix you either played to sound like him or gave up. I was the former and bent a lot of strings into unison in the bargain. As time went on I wanted to see the sea so I went to Australia to form Lizard. It was all downhill from there but at 68 I`m having a definite resurgence with a lot of influences coming together from the years. I`ve got to say I`m pretty fast at doing new stuff, like in one a night. That`s because I finally feel ok in my own skin with the music. So that`s it. Hope someone out there likes what I do.