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    Michael Shapiro was born in San Jose, CA but grew up in Las Vegas, NV. He spent 29 years there before moving to Portland, OR and music eventually led him back to the SF Bay Area in 2006. Shapiro began playing trumpet in grade school, followed in later years by piano, guitar, and vocals. Fronting cover bands in Las Vegas as a teenager and early twenties, he naturally began writing and recording. Releasing his first album in 1995 with his band Trip and three albums to follow. Trip toured with VH-1’s Rock Across America Tour opening for Duncan Sheik, Romantics, Edwin McCain, and Cheap Trick. In 2003, Trip toured with Great White and on their 21st show in Rhode Island, the tour was brought to an abrupt and tragic end with the West Warwick Station Nightclub Fire. In 2005, after a two year hiatus, Shapiro recorded his first solo album, taking five of the twelve songs and released an EP entitled “Everything”. The single “Hope” received strong radio air-play across the US, thus landing him on a sold out national tour with the band Live. He relocated to San Rafael in 2006 in search of the perfect-fit rhythm section and formed Reckless In Vegas. Michael and RIV have released two albums of original music and their latest release, “The Hard Way” features all re-makes. Shapiro is currently back in Las Vegas rockin’ Reckless In Vegas style!

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