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    I'm a professional teacher, entertainer and music producer originally from the US, but now living in Hong Kong. I've performed all over in some of the biggest venues and TV shows in Asia. In these trying times we need to keep learning and exploring our creative ideas. That is why, on top of being a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, I teach Music Production. I love working with up and coming independent artists trying to get their foot in the door. My mantra in music and life is: Educate. Emulate. Originate. Education is key in all endeavors in life and we shouldn't keep knowledge all to ourselves. Spread the wealth and welcome it at the same time. Emulation is a necessary stepping stone to being unique. Follow your heroes. Do what they do. What makes them successful? Emulate you work to sound like them. Once your comfortable... Originate. Take what you've learned. Take what you've emulated and make it your own. Add your own life experiences to your work and send that out in to the world.

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 Educate. Emulate. Originate.