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    Michael Killen is an american artist. He was born and raised in Columbia, Tn. Michael Killen is a producer, songwriter, musician, singer and rapper. He has now combined all his talents and delivering a new sound to the music industry. Currently he's working on a new project called MY TESTIMONY! A TRUE BANGER THAT REACHES THE SOUL! Michael's love for music started at the age of 12.  His love for music inspired him to learn as much as could about music and different artists that captivated his attention. Growing up poor his mother couldn't afford music lessons, so Michael determined to learn,  got books and taught himself to play the piano and watching his pastor play, eventually molded him to where he started playing for churches and teaching choirs music. As he got older he continued his learning by attending IADT taking a course on digital audio production, from there he got the love of making his own music. What sets him apart from other artists is his sound, from the late rapper Tupac Shakur to award winning R&B singer Jaheim. He's considered a one man band and a new force to be reckoned with to the music industry. Michael released his first single 12/16/16  from his new project entitled "Amazing Love" featuring Cord Martin on the sax. His second single will release 1/1/17 entitled "Ride or Die", the full CD will release on Valentine's Day.  This is a must get Love CD to add to your collection. For more information email Killencuts@gmail.com. Check his music out and sign up to his mailing list for the latest news with Michael Killen.

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