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    Melodic Brit Pop is one way of describing the sound of this NYC based band led by songwriter Michael DiLalla. Stylishly arranged and sharply produced. Keygrip has a unique ability to marry melody with mood. Clattering rhythms, jangly guitars and their relationship with the intoxicating vocal, here enveloped in colossal choruses. This is indisputably dark but yet it conveys a predominantly upbeat pop tone. Keygrip has worked with some of the industries best producers and mixers including John Agnello(Dinosaur Jr./Kurt Vile, Scott Solter(John Vanderslice/St. Vincent) and Alex Newport(City and Colour). Some have said it is rare to find a band's music as self-assured and expertly delivered as this. Keygrip has found success in licensing their songs to such television show's as Shameless(Showtime),CougarTown(ABC), Skins(UK) and Supernatural(WB Network) just to name a few. Keygrip is Michael DiLalla(Vocals/Guitar), Jared DiLalla(Drums), Brian Bland(Guitar), Shane Stineford(Bass). www.keygripband.com www.facebook.com/keygripband https://twitter.com/Keygrip

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